Track listing for “Look what fear’s done to my body”

Track listing for “Look what fear’s done to my body”: “King of Sorrow (Cottonbelly Remix” – Sade “Too Much On My Mind” – The Kinks “Sittin’ Here” – Dizzee Rascal “I am Sold” – James Blake “Still Walking” – Throbbing Gristle “I Made My Excuses and Left” – Pet Shop Boys “Got To Get Away […]

Democracy is Joy

The meaning of OXI we should fight for is the belief in politics itself. OXI is the belief that we can throw off the demands of a supposedly ‘impartial’ economy that serves only the few, that we can reject the fallacy that ‘economic necessity’ demands something we consider socially unacceptable, and instead begin to make […]

“On this midsummer night, Outer England awakes” track listing

Following from Laura’s post, here is the track listing for the “On this midsummer night, Outer England awakes” mix. I had hoped to have this up for the Solstice on Sunday, but we’re still in midsummer! 1. “Good Lads, Bad Lads” – Jam City 2. “Nocturn” – Kate Bush 3. “Mother” – Goldie 4. londonunderlondon […]

Jam City – Dream a Garden – a dérive – LONDON – May 1st 2015

Guest post by LAURA OLDFIELD FORD Aldgate- spectral zone colonised by international finance. Towering enclaves, marble clad lobbies, burnished monuments to global capitalism. In 2012 these glacial geometries conjured the sound of Classical Curves, a record steeped in hostile seduction, the archisemiotics of power. Now, in 2015 with a creeping imminence, Dream a Garden is […]

This place is nowhere, and it’s forever

Direct download This explores the different senses of hauntology in Ghosts Of My Life and Hidden Valleys – Hidden Valleys unlocks Ghosts Of My Life from the outside … There is a Launch event for Hidden Valleys at the Showroom on June 16 …

“All the straws we clutched at have burst into flame” – track list

Here’s the track list for the mix “All the straws we clutched at have burst into flames”. (I will be posting a new hauntology mix up here later today.) “Eight Methods” – Killing Sound “Liberty City” – Mark Stewart + Maffia “My People” – Erykah Badu “Unite the World (Umgena Za Ulimwengu)” – The Undisputed […]

Abandon hope (summer is coming)

So it was to be a re-run of 1992, after all. It seems that even elections are subject to retromania, now. Except, this time, it is 1992 without Jungle. It’s Ed Sheeran and Rudimental rather than Rufige Kru. Always ignore the polls, wrote Jeremy Gilbert late on election night. “You get a better sense of […]