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Track listing for “Look what fear’s done to my body”

Track listing for “Look what fear’s done to my body”: “King of Sorrow (Cottonbelly Remix” – Sade “Too Much On My Mind” – The Kinks “Sittin’ Here” – Dizzee Rascal “I am Sold” – James Blake “Still Walking” – Throbbing Gristle “I Made My Excuses and Left” – Pet Shop Boys “Got To Get Away […]

Jam City – Dream a Garden – a dérive – LONDON – May 1st 2015

Guest post by LAURA OLDFIELD FORD Aldgate- spectral zone colonised by international finance. Towering enclaves, marble clad lobbies, burnished monuments to global capitalism. In 2012 these glacial geometries conjured the sound of Classical Curves, a record steeped in hostile seduction, the archisemiotics of power. Now, in 2015 with a creeping imminence, Dream a Garden is […]

“All the straws we clutched at have burst into flame” – track list

Here’s the track list for the mix “All the straws we clutched at have burst into flames”. (I will be posting a new hauntology mix up here later today.) “Eight Methods” – Killing Sound “Liberty City” – Mark Stewart + Maffia “My People” – Erykah Badu “Unite the World (Umgena Za Ulimwengu)” – The Undisputed […]

Don’t let Blairism come back from the dead!

Can anyone who has any influence in the Labour Party please ensure that as many people as possible read the pamphlet Jeremy Gilbert and I wrote last year? It was specifically designed to counter the Blairite monopolisation of the rhetoric of modernisation, so it has many arguments that can be weaponised in the current struggle […]

Remember Who The Enemy Is

  There’s something so uncannily timely about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire that it’s almost disturbing. In the UK over the past few weeks, there’s been a palpable sense that the dominant reality system is juddering, that things are starting to give. There’s an awakening from hedonic depressive slumber, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  is not […]

Three events this week …

1. Wednesday, 13 March at Waterstone’s Trafalgar Square: Capitalist Realism: What is it and how to fight it With Mark Fisher, Peter Fleming and Alex Niven. (Unfortunately, there is a charge for this – naturally, however, none of the money is going to the authors … ) 2. Saturday 16 March, at the Showroom Discussion […]

Two recent endorsements

Two books I’ve recently endorsed, and which I would heavily recommend: “What’s left of public space after thirty years of neoliberalism? Sam Berkson’s new collection, Life In Transit, finds the degraded relics of public space on public transport. Like the music of Burial or Laura Oldfield Ford’s Savage Messiah zines, Life In Transit is attuned […]

On Vanishing Land

Mark Fisher and Justin Barton: On Vanishing Land 6 February–30 March 2013 Opening Hours: Wednesday–Saturday, 12–6pm Press Breakfast with the artists: Tuesday 5 February, 9.30–11am Preview: Tuesday 5 February, 6.30–8.30pm Performances by John Foxx and Raime: Thursday 7 March, 7pm (see for information and booking) Discussion with Mark Fisher, Justin Barton, The Otolith Collective, […]

New Product

New Product (2012) by Harun Farocki Screening and discussion with Nina Montmann, Mark Fisher and Andrea Phillips 2pm, 29 November, Room 5, Studio B, Barriedale Buildings, Goldsmiths, University of London. Over the period of one year Harun Farocki joined the meetings of the Quickborner Team, a business consultancy in Hamburg, as they developed a new […]