“On this midsummer night, Outer England awakes” track listing


Following from Laura’s post, here is the track listing for the “On this midsummer night, Outer England awakes” mix. I had hoped to have this up for the Solstice on Sunday, but we’re still in midsummer!


1. “Good Lads, Bad Lads” – Jam City
2. “Nocturn” – Kate Bush
3. “Mother” – Goldie
4. londonunderlondon part 3 (featuring “Towards Tomorrow” by Delia Derbyshire and text from Ballard’s Drowned World)
5. “Changelings” – Gazelle Twin with John Foxx + The Maths
6. “Slowdive (12” version)” – Siouxsie and the Banshees
7. “Christiansands” – Tricky
8. “Cornets” – Throbbing Gristle
9. “On Vanishing Land” – Raime
10. londonunderlondon part 1 (featuring “Translucence” by John Foxx and Harold Budd and text from John Foxx’s “The Quiet Man”)
11. “Secrets” – The Cure
12. “Damage” – Jam City
13. “Only Lovers Left Alive” – John Foxx + The Maths
14. “Wattle and Daub” – Dolly Dolly with Position Normal