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“On this midsummer night, Outer England awakes” track listing

Following from Laura’s post, here is the track listing for the “On this midsummer night, Outer England awakes” mix. I had hoped to have this up for the Solstice on Sunday, but we’re still in midsummer! 1. “Good Lads, Bad Lads” – Jam City 2. “Nocturn” – Kate Bush 3. “Mother” – Goldie 4. londonunderlondon […]

Going Overground

Owen Jones is correct about the need for a left-wing populism. As I argued in the wake of Thatcher’s death last year, reactively firefighting an agenda set by the right will keep us on the backfoot forever. Having the best arguments is only part of the battle; what the right – even this degenerate, incompetent, […]