Don’t let Blairism come back from the dead!

Can anyone who has any influence in the Labour Party please ensure that as many people as possible read the pamphlet Jeremy Gilbert and I wrote last year? It was specifically designed to counter the Blairite monopolisation of the rhetoric of modernisation, so it has many arguments that can be weaponised in the current struggle […]

Pain now …

A grief without a pang, void, dark, and drear, This was the front page of the Guardian on the day my son was born nearly five years ago. That year, my wife and I earned fifteen thousand pounds between us. I was working as an hourly paid lecturer in adult education and in a university, […]

Communist Realism

Normal capitalist realist service was resumed on Thursday, on the BBC Question Time Leaders Special. With the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens absent, horizons contracted, expectations lowered, we were once again asphyxiating in the Oxbridge-Westminster bubble. This was most obviously signalled by a discursive exclusion: “austerity” was never mentioned, so we were back on […]

Limbo is over

Tony Blair’s brief appearance in this election campaign, offering tepid support for a tepid Ed Miliband, ought to have been irrelevant. In many ways it was: who needs yesterday’s man, the hawker of an outmoded “modernisation”? Except, like so much of today’s culture, Blairism is obsolete but it has not yet been surpassed. In Blair’s […]

The Shining and The Eerie

The Shining got under my skin when I read it at the age of fourteen: the corridors that extend in time as well as space; the catatonic drop-outs; telepathy; schizophrenia; the Poe and Carroll intertexts; the pulp modernist experiments with layout … Later, I would see a quasi-schizoanalytic critique of patriarchy and patriarchal time (the […]

Getting away with murder

The Mark Duggan verdict was both shocking and predictable. Shocking, because it is a verdict that so clearly ignores not only evidence but blatant inconsistencies in evidence. Predictable, because we are now accustomed to seeing the Met getting away with murder. As Stafford Scott‘s piece in the Guardian today makes clear, the police case explanation […]

Going Overground

Owen Jones is correct about the need for a left-wing populism. As I argued in the wake of Thatcher’s death last year, reactively firefighting an agenda set by the right will keep us on the backfoot forever. Having the best arguments is only part of the battle; what the right – even this degenerate, incompetent, […]

Ghosts Of My Life

Ghosts Of My Life out May 2014 on Zer0 books. Cover photograph by Chris Heppell and illustrations by Laura Oldfield Ford. Publicist: ‘After the brilliance of Capitalist Realism, Ghosts Of My Life confirms Mark Fisher’s role as our greatest and most trusted navigator of these times out of joint, through all their frissons and […]

Remember Who The Enemy Is

  There’s something so uncannily timely about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire that it’s almost disturbing. In the UK over the past few weeks, there’s been a palpable sense that the dominant reality system is juddering, that things are starting to give. There’s an awakening from hedonic depressive slumber, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  is not […]

Three events this week …

1. Wednesday, 13 March at Waterstone’s Trafalgar Square: Capitalist Realism: What is it and how to fight it With Mark Fisher, Peter Fleming and Alex Niven. (Unfortunately, there is a charge for this – naturally, however, none of the money is going to the authors … ) 2. Saturday 16 March, at the Showroom Discussion […]