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The London Hunger Games

Welcome to the Hunger Games. The function of the Hunger Games is to suppress antagonism, via spectacle and terror. In the same way, London – 2012 preceded and accompanied by the authoritarian lockdown and militarisation of the city – are being held up as the antidote to all discontent. The feelgood Olympics, we are being […]

UK Tabloid

It took all of Cameron’s replicant smarm to get through this morning’s astonishing press conference. Events have moved so swiftly this week that it’s easy to overlook how momentous some of his admissions were. Many are rightly sceptical about whether Cameron will act on what he said today. Sometimes, however, words are acts, and the […]

Reality management

Johann Hari’s defenders – and practically every defence of Hari served to further underscore what a complacent self-serving Oxbridge club so much of the UK broadsheet commentariat is – might have pathetically seized upon the News of the World hacking story in order to underplay their boy’s misdemeanours, but the reality is that the Hari […]

Next week in NY

Next week: APA Studies presents: On Hauntology/ Capitalist Realism – 2 talks by Mark Fisher THE COLLOQUIUM FOR UNPOPULAR CULTURE AND NYU’S ASIAN/ PACIFIC/ AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM present: 2 TALKS BY MARK FISHER What are grey vampires and how do they retard the insurrectionary potential of digital discourse? How does Derrida’s notion of hauntology contribute […]

Music, Politics and Agency A one-day conference presented by: Centre for Cultural Studies Research, University of East London Faculty of Social Sciences, Open University Media Industries Research Centre, University of Leeds May 20th 2011 11:00 – 18:00 University of East London Docklands Campus Room EB.2.43 permalink: Can music change anything, or does its potency […]

Old Haunts

Well, the new version of Whistle and I’ll Come to You was a surprisingly welcome antidote to all the – literal and figurative – noise of Christmas television. Noise in entertainment culture functions in precisely the opposite sense to Noise the non (musical) genre: it’s not an invitation to explore the materialities of sound beyond […]